To create awareness and understanding about the issue of data collection and user privacy for the ill-informed. Ultimately empowering users with control about how they browse the web.


In response to the issue I framed above, I arrived at the design possibility, Opt-out, a campaign that couples service innovation with social action. The design will create awareness about the issue of data collection through both and exhibition installation and a online website.

The exhibition installation will be a receipt printout of the trackers who were tracking you during the time you attended the exhibition space and used the wifi. The receipt will contain who was tracking them during them time in the exhibition space, what they trackers track, how many companies track you, how much you cost, and a link at the bottom to the online website/digital webkit.

The site will provide users with tools and information to prevent/minimise how they are tracked on the web, and what data is collected., it will also create context about the issue, show programs to minimise users being tracked, data collected, etc. The other component of the site will be crowd sourced space/community site that aims to consolidate tools that will minimise trackers, and empower users with control in how they surf. Tools can be posted by other users on the site, allowing other users to rate and comment about it. This will make the site a social network/community by users for users about how to control how they want to surf the web.

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