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Project Focus

web design + data visualisation

Index is a web-based data visualisation of the recorded cases of Refugee drownings in Australian waters. It draws upon data from the Monash University Australian Border Deaths Database. It’s aim is to give visual and meaningful representation to this data, with the intention of creating awareness and depicting the gravity of each one of these incidents. Aligned with the plot data, interacting with these plots, hovering displays the death count and clicking them displays an associated quote from a news article. In this way, this project captures the emotion and sentiment behind each case, making it more than just another statistic.

visual language

The importance of the visual language with the Index project was to make the data into something comprehendible for viewers so they could immediately grasp the information that was being displayed. The concentric rings was a metric used to plot the point of death, but double as a way to visually see the estimated deaths. This is something that interaction design offered, with the user being able to single out years, determine what was the worse years, and also see the gravity of how many. With each incident plotted and recorded, to include sentiment into this project, quotes surrounding the incidences were extracted added to the design so users could understand of each drowning.