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Project Focus

creative direction + branding + typography & motion design

In 2015, the Design Museum in London was relocated to it’s new home at the Commonwealth Institute Building. The brief for this project required me to create a new visual and typographic identity reflecting the location. I developed a new brand identity by aligning the branding with the distinctive architecture of the building. The architecture is unique due it’s striking complex hyperbolic paraboloid copper roof. In addition, the letter-forms in the rebrand capture the tightly knit community of design disciplines that call the Design Museum home.

The distinct roof structure of the Commonwealth Institute Building influenced the design thinking behind the rebrand. The unconventional roof structure, led to the development of the unique grid structure.

brand strategy

This grid was the basis for the typeface for the new identity, as well as doubling as part of the visual language of the brand. To add recognition to the typeface, I identified three primary colours to enhance the brand recognition.

The application of the typeface and use of the brand’s primary colours are defined in the brand guideline document

brand application

The new identity of the Design Museum was applied to a different various collateral across print and digital media; tickets, letterheads, tote bags, badges, packaging, web, and way-finding displays. It all utilised the custom typeface as the hero element to distinguish itself, the three primary colours to catch attention and iconic of the brand, and grid system was also intergrated into the identity as pattern/supporting visual.

The brief required me to create a new visual and typographic identity for the Design Museum in London Museum Quarter. Thus, this rebranded identity brings light to the values that were unconsciously forged by the Museum since its inception; the Museum’s position as a meeting point and home for all design disciplines, and inherently, thus creating a tightly knit interdisciplinary design community.